Absolute Fashion

This small business near the community square has fashions that are chic af (pun intended). These styles range from vintage to modern and have a variety of accessories as well. We met with the owners, Alec Lightwood-Bane and Magnus Lightwood-Bane, to talk about their history.
Alec and Magnus met at the nearby state college. “We were partners for a big project in our history class. At first I couldn't stand him but he flirted with me insistently and bribed me with coffee.” Alec says with a smile.
“After we both graduated, we set up this shop in the space Alec got from his parents. We wanted to live in the community that we fell in love with and in,” Said Magnus.
Alec majored in Business Management and Magnus majored which made them the best duo to run the store. Alec handles the business aspect and Magnus is in charge of fashion.
When asked about how their business contributes to the community, Magus said, “our store has started attracting all the young queer people in our neighborhood and we love that. The fact that we can provide a safe space for all of these kids is amazing.”
“Our sons, Max and Rafael also love to cause a little bit of trouble in the shop, they’re always running around and sometimes they knock stuff over. The other kids in the shop are so helpful because they’re always up for babysitting them.” Alec added.
We also asked where their unique name came from. “We got the name Absolute Fashion from the idea that all types of fashion are absolutely fabulous. Alec’s sister, Izzy, also loved the fact that the shortened version of our name is af, which was definitely a deciding factor.” Magnus said.
And of course, we had to ask about how the shop is faring during quarantine. “We have to admit, we are struggling right now. This quarantine has been so hard on small businesses and we have to keep looking for ways to profit. We opened shop again as well as updated our website but that’s not enough to cover the costs of running our business.” Alec states.
Of course, we have to help out our favorite local, queer-run, clothing store and keep them from closing.
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